Celebrate Yourself

How do you establish a need to keep growing but also celebrate how far you’ve come. It’s not too snotty or self confident to know who and whose you are. You are fearfully and wonderfully made by God and what makes you that is your willingness to grow, and your ability to admit your weaknesses and get better. I know that now. And as single woman I want that in my man. I want a man that celebrates me as much as I do. He will know that there is a lot to be grateful for by having me. We both know that about each other, and we both know how to challenge each other to grow. It’s not bad or egotistical to know who you are, in fact quite the contrary, it’s what the smart man does. Evaluate their pros and cons, strengths and weaknesses and plans their life plan around it. Think of some of the most successful men or women of the day, I can almost guarantee they know who they are, the good and the bad.

Celebrate yourself. Be diligent about opportunities to grow and don’t forget how wonderful God has been to you thus far, and remember to give Him thanks for that as you move on to the next level.


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