A Personal Journey – Part 2

Today I read about developing a mission statement. Most important about this is the introspection that this study has caused me to do. What are my roles; what do I want to accomplish within these roles; who is my best self. All things that I never really thought to consider. I realized that perhaps I am floundering without a real purpose. Saddled comfortably in mediocrity but yet craving more, to become purposeful. I know in my heart I was put here for a purpose, and I have been equipped with amazing gifts of style, process, organization, educational and drive, but to focus and narrow in on the purpose of these things is what I seek. Today I feel like I took the first step in plotting my course, narrowing on direction that will help me achieve the greater than mediocrity status I crave.

Always an interesting journey, I look forward to it. For the journey to get there is as important as the final destination.


Studying the Covey principles of highly effective people; click below to explore as well




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