Fashion Journey – Part 1 By KK

I’ve always loved fashion. And the thought that I could make money and a living doing something I love has always intrigued me. However, life being life. It’s difficult to move from the day to day 9-5 into pursuing your passion. However, I started this blog as my outlet for creativity. Here I can post and write about the fun fashion trends I see, and hopefully connect with others who also love fashion and want to share the fun trends they see with others. Maybe one day, my life will involve blogging and writing about style everyday and being able to make a living from it. But for now, I start my journey here, and hopefully I connect with others who love the same thing.

For now, I am working to develop that community. I now am exploring how do I introduce my point of view to the world. I am exploring word press and the Google Ad Words idea. Something that is familiar but somewhat foreign to me. Amazing how valuable words are on in the digital word. What key words will get attention, and help me cultivate an audience for my thoughts. And maybe allow me to monetize my site. Such a crazy world- but I am determined to step and try it all and see if I can become subject matter expert and maybe achieve my dreams.

As I journey through this blog world, I will post some of my experiences here. So, love to have you take this journey with me and invite you to check back with the site and read more about it.


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