Succumb By KK

via Daily Prompt: What is it to succumb? To cease to resist when all is stacked against you. The forces too great; the battle too much to overcome you think. SO, without any hope of deliverance, you succumb. But was there really no hope or were you so trapped in the devastation that you couldn’t see the hope. Through the small hole in the mess was a tiny light, a tiny ray of hope. But your eyes couldn’t focus, for this light you must squint a little harder, push your eyes thru the dark a little further. One more push, one more squint and there it would be. But if you give up too soon you’ll miss it – and in missing it you will fall deeper into the despair and depression all around you. SO, today I encourage you to push through, keep pushing and find that light. And in the light you will never succumb.


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