Book of the Month – Escape Obscurity – A book you need to read if you want to live a little louder

Published on 28 August 2014 in News
Alexis Selby (author)

Escaping Obscurity - Author C.K. Inniss

Escaping Obscurity – Author C.K. Inniss

New Book Examines the Link Between Napoleon and Jesus Christ

Author Cynthia Inniss asserts Escaping Obscurity, Napoleon Encounters Jesus is a fresh new spiritual book to remove the veil of obscurity and encourage Christians to live out loud and realize their giftings to the fullest.

Escaping Obscurity, Napoleon Encounters Jesus (ISBN: 978-1-312- 34727-4, Perfect Bound Softcover (B/W), 236 pp, 6 x 9. In this book, “Escaping Obscurity, Napoleon Encounters Jesus”, Cynthia Inniss looks at the lives of a few well known individuals who scaled the heights and found fame, fortune and uncommon success. With an eye towards examining the wisdom principles they’ve employed, Cynthia focuses on Napoleon, in an effort to prove that all wisdom originates from God; and that this same Wisdom works for anyone who will employ it.

Cynthia, a longtime resident of Tampa and a member at Revealing Truth Ministries, believes that, “in today’s world, far too many Christians have failed to grasp the wisdom and principles outlined in the Bible. Because of it, lives have been ruined, marriages have been destroyed and children have run amuck, damaging or destroying the moral fabric of our society.” Cynthia’s book is a wakeup call to all who wish to live their Christianity out loud.

The book is available at,, http://www.barnesandnoble. com, and many other major online bookstores.For more information about Escaping Obscurity, Napoleon Encounters Jesus, please see 


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