The simple black dress

Simple not plain



via Daily Prompt: What is it to succumb? To cease to resist when all is stacked against you. The forces too great; the battle too much to overcome you think. SO, without any hope of deliverance, you succumb. But was there really no hope or were you so trapped in the devastation that you couldn’t…

Make it a great day!

This weekend I was hanging out with a friend. This friend is a very positive person. Ask them how their day is going; they will tell you it’s great. That always strikes me because when they say it, they mean it. How can the day always be good, I ask? The friend said it’s always…

Break the mold

Sometimes you have to shake things up and change up the hair. A nice sassy elegant mohawk helped me have a little fun on this day.

Shoe Art

Had love at first shoe- tell me about it?

Bling Bling in everything

Nothing will make you feel better like a good pair of sparkly shoes- unspoken law of fashion it must sparkle!

Kiki Style

Kiki style is an opportunity for a self appointed style diva to express and share her love for fashion.  Kiki loves fashion and wants to share her varied and eclectic tastes with you.   Kiki finds exceptional pieces of fashion art everywhere, and what fun it is to share with other fashion lovers! Tune in to…